Which is the true result of soil conservation? "rkls-usle", "rkls-usle + sed_retention" or "sed_retention" alone?

Hello, teachers, thank you developed this model, It helped me a lot.there is a question about SDR module that has bothered me for a long time. I have also searched relevant papers, and different papers have different methods, so my question still exists. I would like to know whether the formula for calculating soil retention of an ecosystem should be “rkls-usle”, “rkls-usle + sed_retention” or “sed_retention” alone? I look forward to your reply. Thank you .

Hi @yuan8277,

Thanks for your questions, you’re not alone in wondering about the SDR model and soil retention.

Have you taken a look at the SDR users guide? We’ve recently added some better description around the outputs of the model.

There’s also some other discussions on this forum around this topic. Here’s one: