Interpreting SDR results

Hi, I want to use the SDR model and have read the user guide, but feel confused about the results.

My question is, what’s the difference between sed_retention_[Suffix].tif and sed_retention_index_[Suffix].tif, and how does sed_retention_[Suffix].tif come from? It seems that I can’t find the equation.

Thank you!

Hi @Tookie ,

I’ve reached out to one of the model developers and agree that it is a little confusing. It sounds like you’ve already checked out the Users Guide, but the equation under Evaluating Sediment Retention Services is what is used for the sed_retention_index.tif output. The sediment_retention.tif output gives retention based on using SDR calculated for bare soil.

More soon!



Thanks Doug! Hope it will come soon. I’m wondering which result I should use. I have read some paper in our country context using Invest. It seems that most of them used rkls.tif minus usle.tif to evaluate soil retention, not even mentioned SDR. And in the User Guide it says sed_retention_index_.tif is NOT the sediment retained on each pixel. So is sed_retention.tif the sediment retained on each pixel? I found it says sediment_deposition.tif is the total amount of sediment deposited on the pixel due to retention from upstream sources. So is it right to use rkls.tif minus usle.tif plus sediment_deposition.tif for the sediment retained on each pixel?