A question of RPM results


I have run RPM recently and got a result that I do not understand what did I wrong.
I changed the different types of PFT cover patterns to see what biomass production changes. Some areas have small veg coverage but there are animals grazing around.

The output shows no calculation in those areas so I got no results on potential and standing biomass. As the following picture shows, I add pft layer under the summary result shapefile.

I wonder if there are some conditions such as if the veg cover is counted as less than 1% of areas, then it will be ignored?

Please let me know what should I do to fix it.


Hello Haku,
There is no explicit rule where a pft that has less than a certain amount of cover would be excluded from the results. Have you done a run of the model with the “save state variable rasters” option checked? It would be informative to take a look at the state variable rasters in this area where you are seeing missing data in the results.


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Hi Ginger,

Thank you for the fast reply. Yes, some state variables do have no data for those areas.

The problem happens when I change the PFT cover map from a simple “all covered” to one based on NDVI map because I want to analyze how lulc change impacts grass production.

I appreciate it if you could let me know any thoughts and ideas.