Rangeland Production model About "Proportion Legume"

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What is proportion legume and plant functional type fractional cover pattern input in RPM, and how can I prepare this input?

What do you expect to happen?

I am trying to run RPM, I don’t know how I can prepare some inputs.

What have you tried so far?

I prepared soil, meteorological inputs.

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@urgendalai Can you please help, I am trying to find Proportion legume data and PFT data for few provinces of Mongolia(Orkhon soum of Darkhan-Uul province, Govisumber province, and Rashaant soum of Bulgan province).

@Oyundari Thank you for tagging me. In plain words, PFT is the type of grass and its characteristics.

You need two types of data of PFT. One is the “proportion legume” raster, a map indicating the distribution of each grass species (such as Stipa baicalensis, Festuca ovina…etc). Another data is the PFT parameter tables. Two tables are requested, one is the “Initial condition table: PFT state variables”, and another one is “PFT parameter table”. They contain all types of grass species and parameters for grass growth and interactions with grazing. There are too many parameters, please read their user guide for each parameter. They should be listed in Table 2 and Appendix Table 2 on the user guide document.

I have no data on each grass species nor know their distributions. I used the PFT tables that the model developer provided (their sample data, which only has one type of grass) and LULC maps to construct the PFT cover rasters.

It seems to require some field work if you want a precise grass portfolio from each soum and aimag. For PFT cover rasters, you can use LULC or NDVI to define the type of grass and where it is located.

Personally think the PRM model relies on too many parameters that make this model very hard to implement. Nonetheless, hope this is helpful.

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Thank you so much for the reply and spending your time. I have field trip data on vegetation community research on those areas. If it’s possible, can I please connect with you through video call and clarify few things?

Can you please share your email address? If you want it to be private(your email address), please send me an email at oyundaribaasanbat@gmail.com.