A technical issue while running seasonal water yield model

Hello all,

I am recently run this model on Linux and had the following error. I guess it does with some system setting problems?

“Task.add_task(779) ERROR Something went wrong when adding task align rasters (0)”

My code and progress in Putty are attached.

Thank you for your help.

log.txt (136.2 KB)

code.txt (1.8 KB)

Hi @urgendalai,
Are you running the latest version of invest, 3.9.1? I see your script was generated with version 3.9.0. If you are not already using 3.9.1, please try it, there have been some updates to taskgraph which may be relevant.

Hi @esoth , sorry I am new to use programming on the Linux system, do you know how to install the newest version?
Should something like this “pip install natcap.invest/3.9.1” ?

@urgendalai pip install natcap.invest should do it. That will get the latest release, which is 3.9.1.

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