Annual Water Yield

The model export result is blank, and the reason cannot be found. The required data is in the following link.

interlinkage:百度网盘 请输入提取码
Fetch code:8ah5

Hi @3530611553 -

When you say that the “model export result is blank”, what are you referring to? Is it the wyield.tif output? Or something different? Does the model’s log file (.txt file created in your Workspace) contain any errors? And what is the map that you’ve posted?

The data link appears to go to a Baidu network disk, which we cannot access without creating an account with a mobile phone number from China. Can you make it available through something like Microsoft OneDrive instead? Thank you.

~ Stacie

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Thank you very much for your attention. This problem is caused by my improper operation, and it has been solved at present.ThankThankThank

Thanks for letting us know.