Water yield output 0

I’m having a bit of a problem with my annual water output output. The water part is 0. I wonder if this is reasonable. If it is wrong, what is the cause of the error and how to fix it.

Hi @qiaoxiao1997 -

Please provide more information about your issue. When you say “the water part is 0”, what are you referring to? The wyield.tif output? One of the aggregated results in watershed_results_wyield.shp? Something else? Can you provide an image of the result that is 0? Did you get any errors when running the model?

~ Stacie

The wyield.tif output。red is for water

InVEST-Hydropower-Water-Yield-log-2022-04-13–14_02_56.txt (25.6 KB)

Thanks for the additional information @qiaoxiao1997. Since the 0 values correspond to water, what are the kc and root_depth values for that class in your biophysical table? Looking at the model equations, does that explain the 0 values?

~ Stacie

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what happened?

Hi @yqyq, and welcome!

Please describe in more detail what you mean by “the water part is 0”. Which model output(s) are you referring to? Are all values 0, or only in particular places? It may be useful to post an image of the output. And we also ask that you post the log file (a .txt file with a long name) that the model creates in your Workspace, which may have additional information to help us troubleshoot. Thanks!

~ Stacie

Thank you for your reply, this problem was caused by my improper operation and has been solved. But there is a new question: I change the z coefficient, why won’t wyield_vol change?

Hi @yqyq,

I’m going to re-post your new question to a new thread and close this topic.