The annual-water-yield run successfully with wrong result

My model works successfully without error,like this

But the output of the model is wrong. When I open this output vector file in ArcGIS
ArcGIS reports an error, and there is nothing on the screen.

When the vector property sheet is opened, all the values that should get results in the model are 0.

I would be really grateful if you could answer my questions and indicate the errors in my operation
thank you very much.

This is my Parameter log
InVEST-Hydropower-Water-Yield-log-2021-04-13–15_49_08.txt (119.9 KB)

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Hi @90188 -

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting all of that information! Looking at your log file, I see a lot of these errors:
WARNING no geometry in E:/lqshixi/InVEST/water_try1/分水岭1.shx FID: 89

I believe that the model should require that you enter the “.shp” file, not the “.shx” file for shapefiles. So first, try entering 分水岭1.shp for your watersheds. If you get the same error, then look closely at the watershed shapefile, since the model seems to think that there are no polygons in there. Let us know what you find.

~ Stacie