AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'Clone' (Urban Flood)

Hi there.

I am trying to run the Urban Flood Risk Mitigation Model. I am able to successfully run the model if I exclude the two optional Built Infrastructure inputs. However, when I load these, I get an error “AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘Clone’.” I have checked the Built Infrastructure Vector for errors and can’t find any. It is also the same shapefile that I used successfully in the Urban Cooling Model.

I would appreciate any help with this.


InVEST-UrbanFloodRiskMitigation-log-2020-06-09–15_43_59.txt (17.6 KB)

Hi Josh,

Thanks for including your logfile, it looks like the model has encountered one or more infrastructure features that does not have geometry. In the short-term, could you verify that all of your infrastructure features have geometries?

In the longer-term, it’d be great to be able to patch this so that the model can handle this case … would you be willing and able to attach your infrastructure vector to this thread so I can take a look?


Hi James

Thanks. I ran a repair in QGIS but that didn’t seem to repair some of the geometry errors. I have now repaired the geometry in ArcGIS and the model has run perfectly well.

Would you still require the vector?

Thanks again

That’s great to hear that repairing the geometry in ArcGIS resolved the issue! If you still have the vector that was causing the error, it would be really helpful if you could attach it here (or send it to me another way) so I can see that the model handles this issue properly the next time it comes up.