Urban Flood Risk Mitigation errors and data format

Hi InVest Gurus
I have a couple of questions

  1. do all of my spatial input files need to have the same spatial reference info ? also
  2. I keep getting this error message Index Error encountered: Index (128) out of range what could it possibly mean ?
  3. What else must my built infrastructure vector contain


  1. They do not need to have the same spatial reference, all of our models start out by aligning the inputs and transforming them to the same spatial reference.
  2. If you’re encountering an error, please share the log file from the model run. It has more information that we need to debug the problem. Edit: I see you’ve posted the log in a different thread. I’ll answer this there.
  3. As the user’s guide says, " Built Infrastructure Vector (optional): shapefile with built infrastructure footprints. The attribute table must contain a column ‘Type’, with integers referencing the building type (e.g. 1=residential, 2=office, etc.)". The Type is the only required attribute. You can check out the sample data to see what this looks like.
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