Biophysical table regarding landuse and land cover layer

How to create biophysical table for Land use layer? (Urban cooling model)

Hi @162316V,

Thanks for posting. Could you be more descriptive in what you’re having trouble with? For instance, which attributes of the Biophysical table are you having trouble with? Have you checked out the User’s Guide describing the Biophysical table? UCM Users Guide - Data Needs

The Annual Water Yield model documentation also has some good resources for common attributes shared across InVEST models, like the Kc crop coefficient value. Annual Water Yield - Data Sources




Hi @162316V -

Also remember that we provide sample data for all models, so you can see what the format, column names, etc need to look like. You may have installed the sample data when you installed InVEST. If so, it will be located in your [InVEST install folder]/sample_data. If you did not install sample data when you installed InVEST, you can download individual datasets by going to the InVEST software page and clicking on “Individual Sample Datasets for InVEST”.

~ Stacie