Regarding land use/land cover raster layer

I created land use raster layers using NDVI classification and those classification based on sample biophysical table. Then I input that layer to the urban cooling model. There is a no issue with that layer. Is it a correct way? Could you please give some explanation on this?
Do I need to use NDVI and NDWI layers for the landuse classification?

Hi @162316V -

The Urban Cooling model does use land use rasters, not NDVI, so you are correct in using them. Do you get an error from the model? If so, please post the whole log file (.txt) that is created in your output Workspace, and it might give us information to help understand what’s happening.

One quick thing to check is whether the “lucode” values in the biophysical table match the “Value” values in your land use raster. All of the Values in your land use raster must also have entries in the biophysical table, or the model will give an error. Please see the User Guide for more information about the required format.

~ Stacie