Biophysical table, root_depth , kc, sedret_eff for Annual water Yield

I want to know how I obtain the values of root depth and kc for the country of Colombia, one of the examples is the department of Valle del Cauca,the data is provided by the InVest team and they obtain a biophysical table with the values of root depth and kc, I would like to know from where obtained these values. There is a parameter that I do not understand is sedret_eff, I would also like to know where I get this value from.

Hi @felipeskull -

I’m sorry to say that the data from the Valle del Cauca study is so old, and back then we were unfortunately rather bad about recording our biophysical table sources, so I don’t know where those values came from. Have you looked at the Data Sources section of the User Guide, which provides a few general sources that you can start with? To get values that are more specific to your area, you’ll need to do a literature search to see if national or even more local studies have been done for the rooting depth and/or evapotranspiration of different land cover types.

If anyone else on the forum works in Colombia and would like to share parameter sources, please do!

Also a note that sedret_eff is not required for Annual Water Yield. It is a parameter that was used in very old versions of the Sediment model, but is no longer required for that model either.

~ Stacie


Hi @felipeskull .The sedret_eff paramenter not corresponding at annual water yield. About values of root depth, I don’t know the climate (temperature and precipitation in your country but this paper would help you (Schenk, H. J. y Jackson, R. B. (2002). Rooting depths, lateral root spreads and below- ground/above-ground allometries of plants in water-limited ecosystems. Journal of Ecology, 90(3), 480–494). To help about Kc, investigate in the Data sources for InVEST (InVEST | Natural Capital Project)