Bounding box error

I am running into a bounding box error when I load all of the my layers into the invest coastal vulnerability model. I went through similar errors in the community and it helped me narrow down what may be happening, but I am unsure how to resolve. I get this error before I try to run the model (so I don’t have a log) and it says the layers are not overlapping. What is odd is that I have transformed every layer into a projected CRS (WGS 84 / UTM zone 10N) and when I load the layers in the model the bounding box appears to be lat/long coordinates. I’m using QGIS to prepare my layers so I double checked all of the layers in R and I confirmed all the bounding boxes are in meters and overlapping. I am unsure why the invest model is reading the projection / extent wrong and leading to this error. Any ideas?

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Can you post a screenshot of the Workbench showing the specific error? Thanks.

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I’ve attached both the bounding box error from the workbench and then the bounding box information I see in R. Thank you!

UPDATE! I clipped the global datasets to be more manageable and that resolved the issue!!!

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