InVEST Coastal Vulnerability Error in "Index_Create"

Hello, I found this error when I used the data of the model to calculate the coastal vulnerability. What is the reason?

InVEST-Coastal-Vulnerability-log-2021-11-09–08_39_32.txt (5.7 KB)

Hi @XMW ,

Thanks for writing in and for attaching your log file.

It appears this could be an issue with your drive permissions. Do you have write access to “F:” drive? Is it possible that this drive is cloud based instead of local? I see that all your inputs are called from “E:/”, not from “F:”. It also seems odd that the slash is opposite.

Please check the drive permissions.


Thank you for your reply. I suspected it before, so I tried to put them in the same drive E , but the same problem occurred.
InVEST-Coastal-Vulnerability-log-2021-11-09–09_56_10.txt (7.1 KB)

Hi @XMW ,

I was able to run the model successfully on my end with the same input sample data files that you used. This leads me to believe that there is a permissions issue with saving to your drives, or perhaps limited space.

I do suggest downloading the newest version of InVEST, currently 3.9.2, and attempting the same run with that. Additionally, while I was able to run the model with the .dbf files, just as you did, we usually recommend inputting the .shp vectors instead. Please give that a try as well.


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