Can't see the Hydrobasin ID and cannot add the biophysical table from "generate your data" in MESH 0.9.0

I am new to the MESH model and I am finding the following errors. I apologize if I am making any input errors and will really appreciate your guidance.

Issue 1: While selecting area of interest, I cannot see the basin ID and if I select any area once, I cannot change it.
Issue 2: While trying to use the LULC map and biophysical table from the MESH baseline data generator, I can only upload the (.tif) file but not the table (.csv) file

I am unable to upload the images so please tell me how I can share more information with you, if required.

Hi @sukhman,

Thanks for posting to the forums, welcome. Perhaps @phawthorne or @jandrewjohnson would be able to help with the MESH model.

~ Doug