Carbon Model result

Dear sir/madam, I want to know how do I look at the results of carbon model operation, I mean the calculated values of carbon reserves for each type of land use? The result of running is only TIF files, and the attribute table of this file shows gray that can not be opened. I try to build the attribute table through Arctoolbox, but it shows that the attribute table can not be constructed for a 32-bit floating-point pixel type raster data set. So I need your help. Thanks!

Hi @meizi

It is true that ArcGIS does not build attribute tables for floating point rasters. But it should show the map (TIFF) of carbon, if the model ran correctly. Do you see the map? Can you click on the pixels with the Information tool and see carbon values for each pixel?

If you want to produce a result that shows the total amount of carbon for each land use type, you will need to do that calculation separately (using something like Zonal Statistcs), the model does not create that output.

~ Stacie

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I can see the map, but when I click with the information tool, I can only see the stretch and pixel values, not the carbon values.

Hi @swolny,
I realized that if the Invest carbon model could not obtain attribute data, it might be easier to calculate carbon reserves and map directly in Arcgis software, attach corresponding ground, underground and soil equivalents to each land class, or connect Excel tables directly to Arcgis. Do you think my idea is right?

Yes, you can definitely map your carbon pool values directly in GIS software. That’s basically all the Carbon model does to calculate storage, it is very simple and something you can easily do manually.

~ Stacie