Carbon model value

Dear sir/madam,
i have tried to computing carbon stock by using InVEST Model. it is always giving value around o to 23.13 for various study area and value. may i know the reason behind it. or whether my result is wrong?
Thanking you.

Hi @Azarcivilian -

We would need to look at your input data to understand the result. Do you get any errors when running the model? Are your carbon stock values very different between land cover classes? Do your land cover types differ much across the area of interest?

Really, all the model does is calculate carbon per pixel, based on the values in your carbon pool table, and adds the pools together to get the final result. So you should be able to look at the intermediate results of the model to get a better idea where something might be going wrong.

~ Stacie

carbon pool96.csv (205 Bytes)
here, i have attached my input csv file. i can’t upload my raster data here. and the thing is i have same input only for both year.

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