Carbon sequestration results interpretation- t/pixel

i’m usig invest model to estimate the carbon sequestration over time
i need to get results values in T/ha not T/pixel
how can I get the results in XLS file not raster
my raster is 30 m* 30m

should I somme the values of the grid in Qgis then diveded it by the area of my catchment to get carbon sequestration data in the catchment?

Hi @ness -

There are posts on this forum that discuss converting pixel values to hectares, so try doing a Search for those. If you’re doing this conversion to hectares, you can simply add those values up within your catchment polygon to get total sequestration.

If you’re using ArcGIS, you can export the raster’s attribute table to a CSV table, which you can open in Excel. I’m not sure if QGIS has a similar function, but it might not since it doesn’t support raster attribute tables. If you find that QGIS does have a raster table export function, please let us know!

~ Stacie


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