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I discovered Invest through a friend and I admit that it’s really innovative. But recently I am facing a problem related to the Carbon Pool sequence in CSV. First, how do you find the information on the different variables in the table. I am working from a satellite image in and I would like to fill in my table according to the standards prescribed in the guide. ( Carbon Storage and Sequestration — InVEST documentation) Then how to fill in the table? Is this default information? Thanks, I’ll stay tuned.

Hi @Alex_AKA ,

Thanks for writing in with your question.

For an example of how to populate the carbon pools table, please refer to “carbon_pools_willamette.csv” which you can find within the sample dataset named “” available for download here. Data sources for the 4 different carbon pools are listed in a different section of our User Guide, here. Please be sure to research your specific study area carefully and adjust pool values accordingly. The sample data applies to one region in the US and should not be considered default values to apply globally. However, the sample data may provide useful estimates or a general sense of ratios between different pools and vegetation types.

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thank you very much JessG for the help it’s excellent but the questions remain how did you obtain the data contained in the file carbon_pools_willamette.csv because exactly what I want because I work on the Ivory Coast my country. thank you so much

Hi @Alex_AKA,

Have a look at this older forum post: InVEST Carbon Model - Carbon pool data. Looks like that discussion might be what you’re looking for. Here’s a reply from that thread that might help:



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Hi @JesseG Thanks you for your help
I respected what you gave me and when I generate here is the message I receive. Can you help me to better understand where the error lies.

Thank you very much to all @jesseG and @dcdenu4 because I managed to complete this exercise for which I asked you. Thank you for your contributions I was able to generate the desired information.


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