Case Studies for MESH & ROOT

I work for a regional land trust/conservation organization in a GIS role and have been asked to look at MESH and ROOT as tools to help quantify of our land protection/restoration work in natural capital terms and prioritize future work. I’m interested in any examples/case studies of how these tools have been applied to get a clearer understanding of their potential. After viewing a presentation by Peter Hawthorne that had a Costa Rica example, it seems to me like ROOT is not meant to be used at a fine scale (thinking of an aggregation of disparate parcels ranging from 5 to 200 acres), and I haven’t been able to find any examples of MESH being applied. Thanks for making these tools available.

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I wrote to @jandrewjohnson (the MESH author) to ask about this and here’s his response:

There have been quite a few, many of which would be captured in this list of citations: Google Scholar

A recent good example would be Cross-scale trade-off analysis for sustainable development: linking future demand for animal source foods and ecosystem services provision to the SDGs | SpringerLink

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Thanks for the reply! I appreciate the MESH links.

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