Nature-based Solutions for flood risk management in developing nations

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I am currently working for ecosystem-based adaptation or widely on nature-based solutions for flood risk management, especially focusing on low and middle-income economies. Most studies on NBS have been concentrated on Europe, the US, or say higher economies. On my search, I have found very fewer literature focused on developing nations, so I am writing here hoping if any of us are working on similar research and could share some literature. Any publications, published papers, annual reports, and case studies regarding Nature-based solutions for flood risk management in developing nations could help.

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Thank you @jesseG for this!! This will certainly help. I will get back in case of necessity of any other help. Thank you so much.

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Here is another one, a paper I published on a Brazilian journal using InVEST Flood risk mitigation model and pondering different ecosystem based adaptation scenarios for adaptation extreme precipitation events in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is in portuguese, but you can read through google translate and I can help if you have any doubts. Page 28