Certificate of completion or statement of accomplishment?

Good day.

I signed up for this course thru edX, looking forward to completing all 4 modules & assessments.

Stanford Center for Professional Development online site for this particular course, mentions that a Statement of Accomplishment will be provided on completion of the course. But when I signed up for it on edX, I did not see any mention of a certificate or statement of accomplishment/ completion.

Could you kindly confirm how the digital statement or certificate is to be obtained for this course? For eg, should I take a screen-capture of the course completion on edX, and send to SCPD by email?

Look forward to your response, and appreciate the support.

Best regards,

Hi @jeetpal -

It’s great to hear that you’ve found the NatCap MOOC. The version of the MOOC that is there now is rather old, so we are no longer offering certificates of completion for it. But we are launching a new, updated version in just a few weeks. So if you can, I’d recommend waiting until the new version is released, which includes new material and uses our latest models. For the updated course, a certificate will be available for $50 (USD), and we expect it to launch around July 1st, also on edX.

~ Stacie