Coastal Blue Carbon - KeyError 'disturb'

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to run the CBC model. The pre-processing step went well, but I receive the KeyError: “disturb” while running the Main Model.

I attach here the CVS files that I’m using. I’m not attaching the LULC since it is huge (but below you can find a picture of it).

I confirm that the CVS files report the same land classes of the LULC. I also attach the text.file that shows the error
Lookup2.csv (267 Bytes) carbon_pool_initial_template2.csv (260 Bytes) carbon_pool_transient_template2.csv (705 Bytes) Transitions2.csv (1.1 KB) InVEST-Coastal-Blue-Carbon-log-2020-08-26–21_10_56.txt (5.0 KB)
Thank you for your help.


Hey @MarcoGuzzetti,

Thanks for the post and the logs. We’ll take a look and let you know what we find!


Hi @MarcoGuzzetti,

I think the issue is with the Transitions2.csv. It looks like the values disturb were left in there, where as the User Guide states:

You must edit the ‘disturb’ cells with the degree to which disturbance occurs due to the LULC change. This is done by changing ‘disturb’ to either ‘low-impact-disturb’, ‘med-impact-disturb’, or ‘high-impact-disturb’.

Please take a look at the Users Guide section as it can be very helpful for this model.

Let us know if that helps!


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Thank you! It helped a lot

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