Problem with coastal blue carbon snapshot table

Hello everyone.

I am trying to run the coastal blue carbon model preprocessor, however, apparently there is an error with the “snapshots” table, I have checked and find no anomaly.

Attached is the CSV table.

Thank you very much in advance

snapshots_mc.csv (141 Bytes)

Hi @Jason,

Thanks for writing in and attaching your LULC snapshots table. I downloaded it and viewed it in a text editor and noticed there were several quotation marks (") included. These were preventing the different fields from being delimited from one another. I deleted all the quotes and resaved it and that appears to have resolved the delimiter issue. Please see the revised version of the snapshots table attached here and try inputting it into the model.

snapshots_mc_NoQuotes.csv (123 Bytes)



Hi Jesse, thank you a lot.

Now I´m trying to run the main model, however, it is reporting a problem related to the transitions and biophysical tables, saying as follows:
ValueError: The transition table’s ‘lulc-class’ column has a value, ‘nan’, that was expected in the biophysical table but could not be found.

What do you think might be the problem?

Attached you will find the log and the tables

carbon_biophysical_table_template.csv (973 Bytes)
carbon_pool_transition_template.csv (881 Bytes)
InVEST-Coastal-Blue-Carbon-log-2021-08-11–08_34_19.txt (1.8 KB)

Hi @Jason,

I am not very familiar with this model, but I noticed an extra line break in your transition table. I attempted to edit the table to remove that line. Please see the attached version below and try using it as an input.


carbon_pool_transition_removeNaNs.csv (896 Bytes)

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Thank you Jesse, I think I solved the problem, the model is running now.

Have good one!


That’s good to hear. What was the solution?

Hello Jason. are the LULC layers required to be in .tif format? I found it strange since .csv files are typically produced as LULC. thx if you can let me know.

Hi @matteoconv -

Yes, the LULC layers are required to be in raster format (.tif is most common, but technically they can be in other raster formats that GDAL supports). Please check out the User Guide Data Needs section for a listing of all of the input data requirements. There are .csv tables required to provide additional parameters for the model, but the LULC itself is a raster.

~ Stacie