Soil disturb in coastal blue carbon

InVEST-Coastal-Blue-Carbon-log-2021-11-16–19_21_59.txt (1.6 KB)
Hello. I am running Coastal Blue Carbon using InVEST, but I have an error that I don’t know how can I resolve it. The logfile is attached and key Error encountered is: “soil-disturb”
Can anyone help me please?
Best Regards.

Hi @Mohsen, and welcome to the forum!

The error isn’t entirely clear, but I’m wondering if it has to do with the values you’re assigning in the landcover transitions table (carbon_pool_transition_template.csv). Does it have a value of “soil-disturb” in any of the entries? If so, you’ll need to change it to match one of the required values described in the User Guide for that table.

If this isn’t the problem, check both of your tables to make sure that they have all of the required fields named correctly, and values filled in.

~ Stacie

Hi dear @swolny.
InVEST-Coastal-Blue-Carbon-log-2021-11-16–19_21_59.txt (1.6 KB)
Thanks for your reply,
I am using InVEST 3.9 to analyze coastal blue carbon. The coastal blue carbon preprocessing step is done completely but when I proceed to run coastal blue carbon I encounter with this error that a screenshot is attached. Moreover in biophysical table there are 3 field titled as “Soil-low-impact-disturb”,“Soil-med-impact-disturb”,“Soil-high-impact-disturb” which should fill by values between 0 to 1. may you check my tables please? If it is OK I’m ready to send you my tables.

Dear @Swolny I have attache a screenshot of encountered error. Also may you send me user guide for table directly please?

Hi @Mohsen -

Yes, the preprocessor will generate template tables, which you need to fill in with the appropriate values before entering it into the main model. In the previous post, I included a link to the online User Guide Data Needs section for Blue Carbon. You can also access a local version of the User Guide through the model’s user interface. In the upper right corner there is a link to “Model documentation”

Also remember that there is sample data provided for each model, which you can use to see how the inputs should look. If you’re on Windows you may have installed the sample data when you installed InVEST, and it will be in the same installation directory. If you’re on Mac, or didn’t install the sample data, you can download individual sample datasets from a link on the InVEST web page.

~ Stacie

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Hi dear Stacie.
Thankyou very much. I know them.
Can you help me to resolve encountered error (Soil-disturb)? Really I don’t know the reason of this error and how can I resolve it?
Is there any relation between values entered in biophysical table?

Ho @Mohsen ,

The reason for this error is that the wrong table value is being used here, in the transition table.

Recall that the transition table describes the type of transition happening when a transition takes place from one landcover code (in column 1, "lulc-class") to another landcover code (the other column names). In one of your columns, you have "soil-disturb", which is not a valid transition. Valid transitions are "NCC", "accum", "low-impact-disturb", "med-impact-disturb" and "high-impact-disturb".

So you need to change your "soil-disturb" field to one of these other "...-disturb" text strings.

These disturbance magnitudes then correspond to values in the biophysical table, where you specify what each disturbance magnitude means in terms of impacts to soil and biomass carbon.

Hopefully that helps … let us know if you have any questions!

Hello James. Thanks for the description.
I am confused. In Transition table I have entered values “accum”, “disturb” and “NCC” but in transition table there is no field titled soil-disturb. In biophysical table the magnitude of disturbance should be entered using integer values 0-1.
Whereas I am using 1 landcover map may it be the reason of this error?
Really I don’t know what should I do.
Best Regards.

Hello again.
Dear James may you peruse my tables to see what is the problem reason? I will attach them to this email. Thank you very much.
I have added another land cover map in model but there is “soil-disturb” error yet.
Sincerely yours. (1.38 KB)

Hello again.
Thanks for your support. Could anyone help me to resolve this error from my processing in coastal blue carbon please?
I apologize your for this confusing question but really I don’t know how can I resolve “soil-disturb” error in this work.
Best Regarda.
Mohsen Japelaghi.

Hi @Mohsen -

Thanks for posting some of your data. It looks like you haven’t updated the carbon_pool_transition_template.csv to have the required values. As James noted from the User Guide:

“Depending on the transition type, a cell will be pre-populated with one of the following: empty if no such transition occurs, ‘NCC’ (for no carbon change), ‘accum’ (for accumulation) or ‘disturb’ (for disturbance). You must edit the ‘disturb’ cells with the degree to which disturbance occurs due to the LULC change This is done by changing ‘disturb’ to either ‘low-impact-disturb’, ‘med-impact-disturb’, or ‘high-impact-disturb’.

Your carbon_pool_transition_template has values of “disturb”, which must be changed. Try changing these and let us know if that helps.

~ Stacie


Thank you very much. I could resolve this error yesterday.
Thanks for your reply and support.
Best Wishes.