Carbon sequestration

Hi, I just want to ask can I get Carbon sequestration for each year? I mean not the tank but the flow. For example, how much carbon can be stored during a year in a forest? It seems I can just get the storage and the storage only alter by land use change. I just want to make sure if I can utilize some of the modules in Invest, otherwise I need to find other options, for example, NPP data.

It seems I can get net_carbon_sequestion_between_[year]and[year]_[Suffix].tif . in Coastal Blue Carbon model. Is that what I need? But is this model only for coastal or every land use? What can I do with that?

Hi @Tookie,

The Carbon Storage and Sequestration model could provide what you’re looking for, but you would need to provide detailed landcover maps and the related biophysical table for each year. The model could then calculate sequestration between the two years. You’re correct about this model being focused on storage.

While the Coastal Blue Carbon model was designed for use in coastal regions, you might be able to use the model if all you are interested in the model is annual sequestration per year: the CBC model relies on your input to define annual rates of accumulation per landcover type. That being said, be sure to take a look a the list of limitations and simplifications for the model and make sure that the model properly model what you’re looking for. In particular, the model ignores increases in stock and accumulation with growth and aging of habitats. From your description of what you’re looking for, this might not be a good model for you (and we might not have what you’re looking for in the InVEST suite!)

Hope this helps,

Thank you! I’m going to find other sources of data :slightly_smiling_face: