Error of blue carbon model

Hello Community, I have a problem with the InVEST coastal blue carbon model output. I was able to successfully run the model, but I got value of net carbon sequestration “0” some categories LULC. Please give me some solution. Here with I have attached log file
natcap.invest.coastal_blue_carbon.coastal_blue_carbon-log-2019-10-31–16_26_36.txt (7.7 KB)

Hi @Karthi -

It looks like you’re running a very old version of the model (3.3.2) - can you try the latest version (3.7)?

Aside from that, which LULC categories have sequestration values of 0? Are they ones you are considering blue carbon habitat, or ones that are not habitat?

~ Stacie

Thanks for your reply, I will try