Coastal Protection Model

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I have read in some publications about the cosatal protection model (e.g. Arkema et al. 2015) however, the current model is the Coastal Vulnerability model. Could someone please tell me what’s the difference between them? and if the coastal protection model is available in previous versions of InVEST?

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Hi @Jason,

The Coastal Protection model was available in previous versions of InVEST, though it may never have been very stable and reliable. Unlike the current Coastal Vulnerability model, the CP model tried to model actual wave dynamics along transects, given the presence of vegetation or other wave-attenuating habitats. CV estimates wave energy along transects, and it maps which areas of shoreline are protected by habitats (based on habitat info provided by each user) but it does not actually model any wave-attenuation due to those habitats.

That’s my understanding of the old Coastal Protection model anyway. I don’t have any first-hand experience with it so others may want to correct me.


Hi @dave ,
I am a master’s student from China. Recently, I am learning how to use the InVEST coastal protection module. I found this module in the old version (3.3.3), but the python configuration file about coastal protection can’t be found on NatCap website. Can you provide the python extension library file of the old version?
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Hi @qq522523248 , I’m afraid I’m not familiar with this. As far as I know, the Coastal Protection module was designed as an ArcToolbox for ArcGIS. Have you tried using it that way?

I’m not sure what the “python configuration file” or the “python extension library file” would be. Maybe @jdouglass would know?

Since this is an old version and the Coastal Protection module has been deprecated, we don’t have a lot of time or resources to support it at this point.


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I’m not sure what the “python configuration file” or the “python extension library file” would be. Maybe @jdouglass would know?

The old Coastal Protection model was a python script, just wrapped up into an ArcGIS toolbox. Actually, if you already have the toolbox, you should be able to locate the script. @qq522523248 is that what you’re looking for?

I’ll poke around our archives for a few minutes and see if I can find it, but keep in mind that we can’t support it beyond perhaps locating the file.


Thank you for your answer, Dave.

I found the old python scripts for Coastal Protection which has since been uploaded to github here: invest.arcgis/python at master · natcap/invest.arcgis · GitHub

As Dave mentioned, we really can’t support its use any longer, but you’re welcome to refer to it.