Erosion Protection Model

my name is mostafa and I am facing issues with the invest Erosion Protection Model . but i can 't find this model and work with it .
Please help me and tell me which version of this model is.
Thank you in advance.

Hi Mostafa -

Are you looking for the Sediment Delivery Ratio (SDR) model, which is used on land? Or are you thinking about the Coastal Protection model that was for erosion along the coast? The first model (SDR) is in the current (3.6.0) InVEST toolbox. The Coastal Protection model is no longer being supported, so you will not find it in the current InVEST toolbox.

~ Stacie

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As you said , Iā€™m following the Coastal Protection model . Because I read it in the manual but there is no software related to it ( version 2.5.2 ) . This is my problem .

thank you

Thanks for posting here. As Stacie said, the Coastal Protection model is no longer supported and released as part of InVEST (current version is 3.6.0). Can you tell us where you saw the reference to this model so that we may correct it?

Thank you


Thank you for reading this post .

As I said , I read this model in version 2.5.2. But I could not find the software associated with it .