Coastal vulnerability, Habitat Risk assessment and Coastal Blue carbon models

Hello All,
I am planning to use the Coastal vulnerability, Habitat Risk Assessment and Coastal Blue carbon models for coastal ecosystems. I would like to know if there are problems in running these models at a high resolution (<20 m resolution) ?

Does anyone know of studies using these models at a high resolution ?

Thank you

Hello @James and welcome to the forums!

In general, no, there should not be any problems with running these models at a high resolution. However, the higher the resolution of your model runs, the longer they take to run and the more disk space the outputs will take up, so be sure to plan accordingly!

Having said that, it is often useful to try running InVEST models at a coarser resolution first so that you can iron out any data issues much more quickly, and then use your fine resolution data once you’re confident that everything should run through the models.

As for studies, you might consider taking a look at the InVEST publications database or at the library on our website in case there are any known publications posted there.

Let us know if you have any further questions or encounter any issues!

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