Cooling Capacity urban cooling model

Dear Natural Capital community,

I would like to better understand some of the results provided by the model urban cooling.

Fist, what is exactly the average temperature anomaly provided in the uhi_results

Second, is there a way to transform the “cooling capacity index” (CC) into degrees?, I would like to know how the patches I am analyzing are contributing with the regulation of the temperature in degrees.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @Albegonz , good questions.

I think you are referring to the value reported in the uhi_results.shp output. This is the average air temperature within the polygon (from T_air.tif), minus the “reference air temperature” value.

I think this question of getting results in terms of actual temperature change may be addressed in this thread. It sounds like the CC index is not appropriate for this, but a scenario-based approach using the T_air outputs might be.

This is another great thread on what the CC index can tell you:

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