Urban cooling model - results explanation

Please could someone give a brief explanation what the resulting output from the model means. So I get a nice looking raster (index 0 -1) and I play around with the variables e.g. green area cooling distance and the biophysical parameters and get different results - I just can’t explain them.

Hi @hcambridge,

In case you hadn’t found it already, the InVEST User’s Guide chapter on the Urban Cooling model has a (brief) section on interpreting the model’s results. In this case, I’d guess that you’re looking at hm.tif, the calculated Heat Mitigation index. If that is the case, you might also find the section on Urban Heat Mitigation Index helpful, as it describes more precisely what the index represents and how it is calculated.

Please let us know if this isn’t what you’re looking for and/or if you have any other questions!

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I’ve worked out how to interpret the results now.

Hi, could you please give some explanation on outputs about urban cooling model.

  1. Is heat mitigation index for the whole selected area( one value)
  2. How can we used to that index for estimate temperature reduction?
  3. Could you please give some details on outputs?

Hi @162316V, We usually like to create new posts for each new discussion. In this case, the thread has been silent for a couple of months. I’ve moved your post over to Explanation of model outputs, so let’s continue the conversation over there and thanks for understanding!


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