Crop Model - results analysis

We analyzed the output from the Crop Production Model for Vietnam Landcover raster and discovered that the observed production in the result table does not match the FAO data for Vietnam 2020. The yield maps for the crops were also replaced with Earthstat yield maps.
Could you please elaborate on this? I’ve also attached the results for your consideration.
And, since I’m interested in analyzing Vietnam’s 2020 LULC raster, do I need to alter the Monfreda dataset for 2020?
result_table.csv (6.1 KB)

Thank you

Hi @aneetainvestvina ,

Could you attach the logfile from your model run so we can take a closer look and what might be going on?

Also, what does the FAO data look like for Vietnam 2020? How different are the InVEST results from what you would expect?

By this, do you mean that you’re using different yield maps than the ones that come with the Monfreda dataset? I just want to make sure I’m understanding your meaning.

It is not necessary to update the Monfreda datasets to run the model with your 2020 LULC for Vietnam, although the yield data in the Monfreda dataset will be based on observations from the year 2000.


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Hi James,
Thank you for the response.
My model ran successfully without any errors, but the InVest and FAO results do not match.

crop area (ha) production_observed
rice 6943821.921 26913268.37
rubber 6943821.921 4709336.918
vegetablenes 6943821.921 83407613.36
FAO data for 2020 - Vietnam
Rice, paddy (rice milled equivalent) [30] tonnes 28279695
Rice, paddy [27] tonnes 42398344
Rubber, natural [836] tonnes 789635
Vegetables, fresh nes [463] tonnes 5681386

I’ve attached a thread to answer your second question.



I’m sorry about the delay in my response! I agree, these outputs are quite different and that is interesting. But I don’t yet have enough information to try to understand why this is. Would you please share your inputs so we can take a closer look? It would also be helpful if you could share the FAO data you’re looking at as well. Feel free to send them directly to if you don’t want to share them publicly on the forums.