Crop Production Percentile Model - Maize production in Mexico underestimated

Hello everyone,

I have been working with the Crop Production-Percentile model to measure crop production and derived nutrition in a region in Central Mexico (Toluca). I was comparing the output results from InVEST with existing production data in this area and I realized that corn is very underestimated. The model calculated a total production of approx. 56,000 tons for maize, while the actual production data is approx. half a million (even for the year 2000). I realized this mismatch since my observed production was not even 7% of the 25th percentile.

I know the data comes from FAO. However, is there a way to fix this underestimation? Do you know what might be causing this? Thank you very much!

Angelica Valencia

Hi @angelica , it’s tough to say for sure what’s going on without taking a closer look. Could you share the files needed to run the model and also your logfile from the most recent run? It’d probably be easiest to share a folder vis dropbox, google drive or other similar filesharing service.


Hello, I’m also doing crop production. Why is my result negative?

Hi @yqyq,

Could you make a new post for this question and provide more detail there? This question has been stale for 5 months and isn’t exactly the same question you’re asking.