Deprecated InVest carbon edge model

Hi everyone, after discussing with differents InVest users it has come to my attention that a deprecated version of the InVest carbon model included a carbon edge model. I don’t know which version that happened in, but I was wondering if it would be possible to get a link to the last version of InVEST that implemented that carbon edge model?

Hello @CathD, and welcome!

The Carbon Edge Effect model is still in InVEST. Just install Workbench and you’ll have access to it.

~ Stacie

Hi @swolny, Thank you for you answer. After going through the Carbon Edge Effect model information I saw that it only apply to tropical forest. Looking deeper I saw that the equation is base on Chaplin-Kramer et al. 2015 paper equation : f(dist) = 292.35 * ln(dist) - 141.28. I saw that the convertion factor use in this equation come from the IPCC is 0.47 which is the same convertion factor as I would need for combination of temperate/boreal forest in my study region. Base on that information, could I still use the Carbon Edge Effect model has it is considering that the factor use are the same value?

No, we can’t use the Edge Effect model for temperate forest. The model uses pre-generated carbon data for the edge effects, which only cover tropical zones. As the User Guide notes:

Also note that the regression data does not cover all of the Earth. It may be useful to make sure that it covers your area of interest by bringing the regression model layer forest_carbon_edge_regression_model_parameters.shp (found in this model’s sample data) into a GIS and checking it against your study area. If the regression data does not cover your study area, you cannot use the model to calculate edge effects.

~ Stacie

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