Forest Carbon Edge Effect results

Buenas gente, me podrian ayudar con este problema?
Estaba haciendo correr el modelo y los valores para las clases que no pertenecen a bosques me salen con el valor de 0, eso seria porque cambia la unidad de medida a ton/pixel? Solo me aparecen los valores respectivos para bosques.

Adjunto imagen de la tabla biofisica subida.


Imagen redultado del modelo.

Desde ya muchisimas gracias por este espacio.

Hello, could you help me with this problem? I was running the model, and the values for classes that do not belong to forests are coming out as 0. That would be because it changes the unit of measurement to ton/ pixel? I only see the respective values for forests.

I attach an image of the uploaded biophysical table.

Image of the model’s result.

Thank you very much in advance for this space.

Hello @gabialbardella -

I’m confused by that output too. According to the biophysical table, the model should not be using the edge effect data, since all of the is_tropical_forest values are set to 0. So it should be using the c_above column instead, which should produce non-0 values for the non-forest pixels too. (Just a note that if you’re not actually using the edge effect data, you can use the simpler Carbon Sequestration model instead).

If you can package up your input data, I’ll take a closer look - please use the instructions given in this post. However, we are all on holiday until next week, so you probably won’t get a response until we return.

In the meantime, I’ll encourage you to look at the log file and intermediate outputs, in case anything in there explains the results. If it does, please let us know!

~ Stacie

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Thank you very much for replying! I hope you are having a good time.

Perhaps that’s the problem; I will try to use the simpler Carbon Sequestration model adding the necessary data because I’m not actually using the edge effect data, and I will post again here in case there are any problems.


Hello @swolny I hope you’re fine

Apparently the error was in the vector components, only the forest cover was recognized, thank you very much.

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