Error while running InVEST Habitat Quality Model

while running InVEST Habitat Quality Model i am getting an error (ValueError: There are duplicated paths on the target list. This is an invalid state of target_path_list. Duplicates [‘E:/InVEST_Model/Model_Try/DataSets_Final/Name_Corrected/Final/run\intermediate\final_aligned_1.tif’,‘E:/InVEST_Model/Model_Try/DataSets_Final/Name_Corrected/Final/run\intermediate\final_aligned_1.tif’,‘E:/InVEST_Model/Model_Try/DataSets_Final/Name_Corrected/Final/run\intermediate\final_aligned_1.tif’,‘E:/InVEST_Model/Model_Try/DataSets_Final/Name_Corrected/Final/run\intermediate\final_aligned_1.tif’])…
I attached the screenshot of the error …

I will be thankful if any give his or her valuable comments about the issue…

Hi @ncpmuzamil, and welcome!

Thank you for the screenshot. In general, when posting about an error, it’s most helpful if you include the entire log file (ending in .txt) that the model creates in the Workspace. That file gives us more information to help troubleshoot.

While it’s not quite clear to me what’s causing this error, I wonder what are the names (and related file names) of your threats. Could you also post the content of your threats table? Thanks!

~ Stacie

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Thanks a lot for your timely response… I attached the Pic of Threat Table…Kindly have a look…

I’m curious about the CUR_PATH. What kind of files are these pointing to? They don’t end in .tif (which is what I recommend using, they’re just easy to work with) or any obvious raster file type, are they ESRI GRID files?

And please also attach the log file in your next forum post - thanks!

~ Stacie

Hey @ncpmuzamil ,

I’ll just add that the paths in the threats table should be relative to where the threats table is saved on disk.

For example if your threats csv lives here: E:\InVEST_Model\Model_Try\DataSets_Final\threats.csv
then the CUR_PATH column would be:
Name_Corrected\Final\crops_c.tif, Name_Corrected\Final\urban_c.tif, etc…

The model is joining the directory the threats.csv table is found with the path in CUR_PATH. So in the case above the model will join E:\InVEST_Model\Model_Try\DataSets_Final\ with Name_Corrected\Final\crops_c.tif.

If your threat rasters are in the same directory as your threats table csv file, you would just put crops_c.tif, urban_c.tfi, etc…

Let me know if that is not clear.


Thanks Everyone for your timely response…I changed the format of all my raster layers from Grid to Tif and put my csv file in the same folder as of raster layer…It worked nicely for present scenario of LULC and with good output results…I am preparing Baseline & future LULC scenario to run it again…
Thanks again…

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Great, @ncpmuzamil, glad to hear it! Thanks for letting us know.

~ Stacie