InVEST 3.6 DevBuild Post 491 | Value Error - Duplicate Paths

Hello all,

I am trying to run a model I’ve been working on and all the results were successfully executed. Right now I’m working on creating future rasters however I keep getting an value error that states I have duplicate paths on my target lists. I’m not sure where there are any duplicates, I double-triple checked everything and all of the filed and folders I selected are all in the right place. Nothing has the same labels either.

This is the error that pops up, my inputs and the log file as well for this attempt.

InVEST-Habitat-Quality-log-2019-05-09–15_05_59.txt (2.1 KB)

What does this error mean and what can I do to continue?

Thank you!
Nadia Noori

Hi Nadia -

I’m not quite sure what’s happening in code to cause the problem, but can you try saving your land cover rasters as TIFFs instead of GRIDs and see if that helps? It might just be that the actual file names that you’re adding are exactly the same (hdr.adf) and you’ll avoid that by creating two new TIFFs with different names. It seems that there have been several issues with GRID handling lately, so I really recommend using TIFFs (or IMG), which are handled well (and can have long file names!)

~ Stacie

Hello Ms. Wolny,

Thank you for you suggestion! I changed the format of the current and future land cover rasters to TIFFS, gave them different names and then used the ‘file’ type for my inputs into the habitat quality model. It seemed that ‘.ovr’ is not a type supported in InVEST as I got bounding box error again, therefore I used ‘file’ instead.

The model ran successfully after these chances and the output results took good too! Yes, from now on I think I’ll just make a note not to export my rasters as a ESRI grid format and instead TIFF or IMG which seem to be working just fine with the model.

Perhaps in the user guide for the next version we can add an error directory, to reference these issues and explain possible solutions. Thank you so much for pushing me in the right direction, I appreciate it!

Warm regards,
Nadia Noori