Error [WinError 123] Rangeland Production Model

I am trying to test the Rangelands Production Model, but I am having problems with the test data in defining the rainfall directory

This is the error OSError: [WinError 123] El nombre de archivo, el nombre de directorio o la sintaxis de la etiqueta del volumen no son correctos: ‘C:/Users/carlo/Documents/Rangeland/sample_inputs_RPM_0.2.1/precipitation/chirps-v2.0._.tif’

On my pc the path of each image are these, “C:\Users\carlo\Documents\Rangeland\sample_inputs_RPM_0.2.1\precipitation\chirps-v2.0.2016_1.tif” so i dont understand what its the problem.

Thanks for the Help!

Rangeland-Production-Model-log-2023-03-30–12_19_10.txt (5.3 KB)

Hello @Kampa7 , and welcome to the forums!

Could you attach/upload the logfile to the thread here so we can take a closer look? The text formatting of the forums post is making it a bit difficult to read. Thanks!


For the next consultation I attached the logfile thanks!
In the end I managed to solve my problem, I was watching this video for reference () but for the version I am using the precipitation and temperature directory should be indicated as “C:/Users/carlo/Documents/Rangeland/sample_inputs_RPM_0.2.1/precipitation” in instead of ‘C:/Users/carlo/Documents/Rangeland/sample_inputs_RPM_0.2.1/precipitation/chirps-v2.0._.tif’

The same for maximum and minimum temperature, with this the problem was solved. I’ll leave this here in case it helps someone else

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