ET0 data input - timescale from 2002 to 2022

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I am working with the SWY and SDR models and had problems acquiring evapotranspiration (ET0) data. The data suggested by the Invest User Guide (WorldClim) does not address the time scale in which I am working (from 2002 to 2022).
I initially tried MODIS data for evapotranspiration in this period. However, I don’t know if this data can be used, as the ET0 calculation equations are different from the ‘modified Hargreaves’ equation suggested in the user guide.
I would like to know if there is any other source of data with a time scale from the year 2000 onwards that can be used as input data for the models.

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Welcome to the forum @Juliandendron!

It is not required to use Modified Hargreaves, you can definitely use MODIS if that is a better fit for you. We suggest Modified Hargreaves for times when we’re calculating ET0 manually, and don’t have much data to work with, because it’s relatively simple and low in data needs. But any ET0 calculation will work, as long as the result is appropriate for your place and objectives.

~ Stacie

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