Pixel value in Forest carbon edge effect

Hi, I’m using a forest carbon edge effect model, I could run it, But I wondered why the carbon content in each pixel was so unusually low when compared to the carbon content we put in the attribute table.

Hi @dhamma57 -

What do you mean by “unusually low”? As the User Guide explains, the input carbon pools are given in tons/hectare, and the output values are in tons/pixel, does that explain the difference?

~ Stacie

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Thank you, I am wrong in the mean of “ton/pixel”
And I have a doubt that slope also affects to the carbon reduction or not.


I’m not an expert for this model, but I’m pretty sure that this is a very simple model that mainly takes into account distance from the forest edge (as is shown in the model equations in the User Guide), not slope of the terrain, or really any other factor. If you know that slope affects your carbon pools, you may create land cover classes that reflect this. For example, instead of a single “forest” class, you could have classes of “forest, 5% slope”, “forest, 10% slope” etc, and assign different carbon pools that way. Although remember that this will not affect aboveground biomass, if you’re using the edge effect functionality.

~ Stacie


that a good idea, thank you very much


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