Format for Biophysical table - Urban Flood Mitigation

Hi All,
I keep getting messages that there is a problem with my BioPhys table. I wonder if it is a simple formatting issue.
2020-12-04 16:11:18,452 utils.build_lookup_from_csv(521) WARNING Empty or NaN values were found in the table: C:/Users/Hildgard/Desktop/Invest Input/CNtableNJ8.csv.

Since each column in the biophysical table is required, this could indeed be a formatting issue. It is likely to cause further errors if there appears to be an empty cell. Do you have extra columns besides the required (lucode, CN_A - CN_D, Kc_1 - Kc_12)? If you want to share your CSV, either here or email to me privately: esoth @, I can try to identify the problem.

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