"Habitat Influence" raster in the output of older Coastal Vulnerability Toolbox

Hi all,

I was working on a state-wide Coastal Vulnerability analysis using an older version of InVEST (3.5.0). I realized that there is an output called “Habitat Influence” in raster format. It looks like a hotspot map of each habitat. Just wondering, how does InVEST calculate these values?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @jkelvin,

Thanks for posting. I don’t see any mention of a Habitat Influence output in the InVEST 3.5 Users Guide or model. Is this what the output file is actually named? Could you share if it’s in the output directory or intermediate directory?

Also, if you aren’t beholden to InVEST 3.5 we highly recommend using our latest version as it will be the most up to date with bug fixes and model improvements.