Habitat Quality threats erorr

Hello. Try to run the test model to my AOI with 1 threat. But model think all my theat on the border of AOI.

Here my data

  1. intermediate results filtered_setls_c.tif (136.6 KB)
    input threat raster tht.zip (6.4 KB)
    Say if you need more data. THX

Hi @Cadaster,

Do you think you could zip up the inputs you used for the model and upload them here or, if it’s too big, send them to ddenu@stanford.edu? It does seem odd that given that threat raster we would see that convolution result.


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Here my inputs. THX for Help

HQ_rasters.zip (23.6 KB)

Thanks @Cadaster.

I ran your inputs with InVEST 3.8 and the outputs looked pretty good. I have uploaded a zip of the results I got. It’s possible InVEST 3.8 fixed some issues since it is a very recent release, which version of InVEST are you running?

Cadasater-HQ-InVEST38-Results.zip (750.0 KB)

filtered_setls_c.tif (521.0 KB)


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3.7. i will try 3.8. looks like 3.7 version dont like shaped raster files, they use only rectangles, because i clean some corner pixels, and got the correct result. THX for Help

No problem! Let us know if anything else comes up!