Habitat quality model error: queue.Empty in convolve_2d

When trying to run the habitat quality model I encounter multiple errors, which thankfully have been previously addressed,

How ever currently I’m facing this error “Task.add_task(706) ERROR Something went wrong when adding task convolve_linear_c_urbanizacion (16), terminating taskgraph”

I would like to see how to fix this issue

I had check the available memory, the coordinate system, updating invest version to 3.12, pixel size, trying to run it directly from the python terminal

i have attached the logfile, the data and inputs and a screenshot od the error
InVEST-Habitat-Quality-log-2023-03-15–08_24_52.txt (29.7 KB)

habitatq.zip (891.7 KB)

Hi @Gperilla , thanks for sharing your logfile and your data. I was able to reproduce this issue.

Could you please check the MAX_DIST values in your Threats Table? These values should be in units of kilometers, but I wonder if you intended the values to be meters? If so, some of the distances are larger than the entire extent of the threat raster, which I think could cause the problem you encountered.

I adjusted the values, scaling them down by a factor of 1000, and the model ran quickly and successfully. Let us know if you think that is problem.

thank you,

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Thank you that was my error, I got confused since other models require distance in meters

I agree, that is confusing. We’ll consider switching to meters in a future version. Glad to know the problem is solved in the meantime.

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