HQ Raster -1,#IND

Hi to all, i have a trouble with the model Habitat Quality the model runs and appear completed (quality_c), but when you see the result appear without information and the quality raster -1, #IND
InVEST-Habitat-Quality-log-2020-06-04–23_55_42.txt (34.5 KB)
The information its esctructurated exactly like the sample but doest work.

Hi there, thanks for posting your logfile. It’s a little tough to be certain without seeing your input data, but the log suggests there might be a bad value in the threats table CSV. Specificaly, one of the MAX_DIST values might be 0? I think MAX_DIST should always be greater than 0, at least the model expects it to be.

I’m seeing this in the log:

Threat data: {'THREAT': 'Vias_P', 'MAX_DIST': 0.0, 'WEIGHT': 0.5, 'DECAY': 'exponential'}
2020-06-04 23:56:09,452 habitat_quality.execute(485) INFO threat_raster_path F:/CI/12_PRODUCTIVO/2020_SLA_CAM/SLA_HUILA/INVEST/PRODUCTOS_INVEST\intermediate\Vias_P_c_aligned.tif
2020-06-04 23:56:09,453 habitat_quality.execute(508) DEBUG Max distance in pixels: 0.000000
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You are amazing!!! thanks the model run perfectly!!! Thanks for the time and the help

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