Habitat Quality model_ InVEST_3.7

Dear all,
I ran Habitat Quality model_ InVEST_3.7, I got the error below. Could someone kindly help point out what am doing wrong & how I can fix it. Thanks for your help.InVEST-Habitat-Quality-log-2019-06-15–15_32_32.txt (1.5 KB)

ValueError: Threat “cr” does not match any column in the sensitivity table. Possible columns: set([‘cr’, ‘tt’, ‘ar’, ‘gr’, ‘rds’])

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the threat name in your csv file is not match with your threat data… Pls check.

Hi @johnwasige -

Does the sensitivity table have columns called ‘cr’, ‘tt’, ‘ar’, ‘gr’, ‘rds’? If so, they all need to be named differently - each column name must have “L_” in front. So the column name for threat ‘cr’ in the sensitivity table is “L_cr”.

Please see the User Guide Data Needs section for details on how things must be named. Habitat Quality has more specific naming requirements than some other models.

~ Stacie