Habitat Quality_VauleError Encounter

sensitivity`.csv (448 Bytes) threat.csv (128 Bytes)

I check the name and spelling, and I can’t find out any errors. But I got VauleEorror Encounter: Threat “urban” does not match any column in the sensitivity table. Possible columns: set ([u’L_paddy’, u’L_urban’, u’L_dry’, u’L_bareland’, u’L_road’])

Hi @sherryxie -

Thank you for posting your tables. It would also be helpful if you would please post the log file (.txt) that the model creates in your Workspace. The log file has a lot more information, that might help us understand what’s going wrong.

One thing I do see by looking at these tables in a text editor (like Notepad) is that there is a space in the threat name for urban. So the field value is "urban ", not “urban”. This might be the cause of the mismatch between sensitivity and threats. Try removing that space in the threat table and see if it helps.

~ Stacie

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