Habitat quality model LULC buffer width?

I’m getting a lot of help here in studying ecosystem services.
I have a question about “Habitat quality”.
According to the manual, “The LULC raster should include the area of interest, as well as a buffer of the width of the greatest maximum threat distance.”
I want to check if what I understand is correct.

  1. To set the “buffer of the width of the gratest maximum threat distance” mentioned in the sentence above. Then, can I set the largest max distance among the threat factors to all the threat factors?
    For example, There are 5 threats data in my study area, and the ‘max distance’ each threat affects is different. The max distance is 3.5km, 4.9km, 2.5km, 1km, 3km for each threat factor. So, can I set the buffer value to 4.9km?

  2. If I make a land cover with buffer width of max distance as explained in the manual, that land cover need to include a space outside the study area. If so, the result will be different because it includes values other than the study site. Is it correct that I understand?

Hi @soo,

Thanks for posting. There is a long thread about this very issue here: HQ Model \ Buffer. Give that thread a read, especially the last 6 or 7 messages. Let us know if that clears things up or if you still have questions!